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“Steel is valuable. The work with steel requires a high qualification of architect and engineer. Steel is elegant.Not every Tom, Dick and Harry dares to deal with it.” Those who master this prefabricated, accurate, elastic material work wonders with it. Besides miracles as for example the Eiffeltower created by Jean Eiffel in Paris there are legions of normal steel buildings: warehouses, bridges, towers, high rise buildings, flootlighting masts, garages, chimneys, hydraulic structures and many more. Invented about 250 years ago steel construction the multiple scope considered still is a modern and economic construction. We aim to meet these demands and the creativeness of our clients

Business-/Shop Buildings

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Our experience lasting for decades constructing turnkey steel buildings and the permanent development of manufactoring methods enable us to offer you an economic and first-rate performance. We lay the foundation stone of all planning in the consultation of clients and the preparation of final construction drawings. Stress analysis, final plans of all trades and application for consent are all produced in one house. This guarantees our clients one partner during the whole planning and building phases. We offer you this indisputable advantage as a firm with excellent know-how.

Industrial–/Purpose made Structures

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On account of the complexity of industrial buildings the demands considering the process of production the schedule and maximal safety requirements are fastidious. Our service includes the planning of assembly work considering the going production as well as dimensioning of the components. The veg-oil industry is since many years a permanent customer. Since 1980 we planned and distributed world wide several veg-oil factories inclusive the proceeding facilities. A team of motivated members secures a product of high quality at convenient costs. This performance is supported by means of modern CAD- and stress analysis programs in technical treatment as well as in CNC-processing centers in the field of drilling cutting and distortion.